Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy B'day !

# The way U used to say 'kya ho gaya baccha' when I looked tensed.
# The way U prepared "Kheer" that day for me. Even u were knowing how to make it though u called up mom just for ensuring a gud Kheer preparation. Really, it was the tastiest kheer I have ever had.
# The way u dressed up in suits most of the time, just for me. Even though u feel cofortable in western outfits.
# The way U slept that day. Head on my shoulder.
# The way we listned that song together for the last time. Hands on hands.
# The way................

Just missing all those ways. Itz her birthday today. This page is a good friend of mine since quite a few months. I share almost everything here. A very Happy B'day ma'm. Hope u r rocking it in one of the best B-Schools in India.
A very good life ahead !


aman said...

happy b'day from my side as wel,nd i really feel bad to hear all dis, coz wtevr i read tells me dat now dat person is not in ur life, d way it shd hv been.
i hope u get evry precious moment back d way it used to be, amen

MangoMan said...

B-school. Kahan kahan?

Anand said...

Upar wala bachha opportunity dhoondh raha hai :P

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