Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ohh Shit !

Disclaimer: All that u r goin to read is real shit. Honestly, it suits the title. U r advised not (R) not to proceed. If then also u r not leaving this page, then procced at ur own risk.

It was a night of ecstasy. Of Fantasies. The cool wind entered the room through the window. Today itself he edited his playlist in the music player and changed the shuffle on from off. And here it was, the song 'Baanho ke darmiyan do pyar...' playing softly in the background. She was in his arms. So firmly. So deeply. So lovely. She was the most b'ful gal of this planet. (He believed) Wat a pleasure ! Wat a feeling ! Wat a feeling to have the most b'ful gal in ur arms. So close. And She is all urs. For this wonderful night. And for the rest of the life. Her scattered hairs were lying on his face. She rolled herself more tightly in his arms. He smootched her. He was going mad. And She too. (He believed) He wanted to have her. He wanted to have her this time and for the rest of his life. The things were goin beyond his control. Meanwhile the phone rang, 'Excuse me darling, u have a text message'. Ohh Shit ! Fuck ! He just clicked on to see the msg. It was :
He smiled. It was real She. All that was a dream. A beautiful dream. A romantic dream. A sensational dream. He wants the dream to be a truth as soon as possible.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy B'day !

# The way U used to say 'kya ho gaya baccha' when I looked tensed.
# The way U prepared "Kheer" that day for me. Even u were knowing how to make it though u called up mom just for ensuring a gud Kheer preparation. Really, it was the tastiest kheer I have ever had.
# The way u dressed up in suits most of the time, just for me. Even though u feel cofortable in western outfits.
# The way U slept that day. Head on my shoulder.
# The way we listned that song together for the last time. Hands on hands.
# The way................

Just missing all those ways. Itz her birthday today. This page is a good friend of mine since quite a few months. I share almost everything here. A very Happy B'day ma'm. Hope u r rocking it in one of the best B-Schools in India.
A very good life ahead !