Friday, March 18, 2011

Death of a Dead Phone

My Reliance India Mobile (off course of LG; Life is Good) was already dead (emotionally), sometimes in 14 Feb this year. And of late it died technically. It was the same mobile which key words were ruined badly. I had messaged 59815 msgs with this. And not just by forwarding the forwarded msgs. I never do that. Everytime I used to type the msg (The msg I want to convey). The alphabets might be also in a confusion that how many times they have been used or might be they have forgotten the counting. My fingers had fallen in love with the keys of it. And after you love something or somebody its hard to be with another. I left messaging. The Mobile is still with me but dead; purely dead. And I wonder, why I carry a Dead Mobile everytime. Almost everytime.

Not Enjoying this phase of Life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's up ?

XYZ: Hey, How are you?
Me: Hi, am fine.. What about you?
XYZ: Okies… chal raha hain… aur batao… wassup?
Me: Nothing much; work pressure :-(


ABC: Hiiiiiiiiiii, ki khobor? (what news?)
Me: The same… too much work pressure :-(


Nowadays, I am trying to figure out better ways to say the same old thing… may be a better way to start the same old conversation… ! May be becoz its a change in working atmosphere or its a change in the other (hidden) aspects of life.

1. My life sucks, instead of “am fine”
2. I guess, tomorrow I am going to commit suicide!
3. Don’t ask such silly questions (to ki khobor)
4. I am up to something big… will let you know later (and hope that the person dies of curiosity)
5. Can’t disclose.. state top secret (in answer to wassup)

I can’t think of more… Any help please ? (you can help me by commenting; plz help !)