Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wat an innings !

Wat a way to get off da mark ! Nothing wrong with the ball, but timed it to the perfection and into the gap. That was the starting of a heroic journey of 200 runs in One day internationals. After that shot, boundary after boundary came and that too in a super easy way. There was absolutely no risk evolved in any of his shots. One of da drawback u can say is, he becomes so slow when the scoreboard tells that he is on 90s. Again when he was at 190s then also he was slow. But, why can't he ? U may not believe that he got out in his 90s a no. of times. In da year 2007 only he got out for 7 times in his 90s. Most of da great batsman can't score this no of centuries in his lifetime. At the last of the overs when he was close to the landmark, Dhoni was hitting the ball with immense power for the sixes and boundaries. But i think most of the audiance was not liking it. We all were saying that 'wat the fuck, dhoni is not taking single'. But at the end, hasim amla became the hero in the eyes of indian audiance by converting the boundary into single. Why not Amla ? That single gave the strike to sachin at 199*. Plenty of applauses, exitement, jumping in the air etc can be seen here in our TV room. And the ball pitched in middle nd leg and Yes, Sachin Tendulkar has made it. 200* in ODIs. He broke the record and made his own record. Salute to u little master.

Here, this is the fourth time i gone through the highlights (excluding yesterday's live performance) of that innings but still i m finding a kind of quench, thirst to watch it again and again.

Really, wat an innings little master ! Salute !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R u happy ?

'What can one do to attain happiness ?'

Itz a really tough call. But, as far as I think the answer of this question shld be 'drop the unhappiness to be happy'. For this we should find out, wat is da reason of our unhappiness.

As myself is concerned, dere is only 1 thing that causes unhappiness. The name of that thing is 'ATTACHMENT'. Attachment is an emotional state of clinging caused by the belief that without some particular person or some particular thing, I can't be happy.

Attachment is composed of two elements. (as far as me is concerned):
(a) The +ve element: The amount of pleasure & exitement, the thrill that I experience when I get what I m attached to.

(b) The -ve element: The sense of threat & tension that always accompanies the attachment.

Now, wat I feel is, the tragedy of an attachment is that if its object is not attained, it causes unhappiness. But, if it is attained, it does not cause happiness - it merely causes a flash of pleasure followed by weariness, and it is alwayz accompanied by the anxiety that you may lose the object of your attachment.

The moment u become conscious of your happiness, u cease to be happy. True happiness is uncaused.

Nw coming to the world of 'attachment'. There is no way to win the battle of 'attachments' except to 'DROP THEM'. And, I really started dropping them.

Note: I knw many of u wl nt like this post nd even the previous post (freedom vs love). But, wat i was thinking from the last one month or so, i wrote. And i m really strictly adhered to my posts. This is, 'wat i am'. I like the tagline of 'Reebok'. I am wat I am. No argues and no questions plz...........

Monday, February 8, 2010

'Freedom' Vs 'Love'

Just close ur eyes. Meditate for a while. Think of someone whose love u desire. Do u want to b important, to b especial nd make a difference to her life ? Do u want this person 2 care 4 u nd b concerned abt u in a special way ? If u do, open ur eyes nd see that u r foolishly inviting others 2 reserve u 4 themselves, 2 restrict ur freedom 4 their benefit, 2 control ur behaviour 2 suit their interest.
B'coz as I felt nd experienced, the other person says u silently, 'If u want 2 b especial 2 me then u must meet ma conditions. B'coz da moments u cease to live up 2 my expectations, u wl cease 2 b especial.'
So, u have 2 pay a price in 'lost freedom' if u r opting 4 'love' or 'relationship'. "Freedom" nd "Love" can't b together. If u opt 4 the one u wl certainly lose another. If u choose 'Love' then u have 2 dance into the tune of other person.

Don't u think that it is worth paying so much for a little. C'on man don't b emotional.


U decide, what u want, 'Company in Prison' or 'Walking the earth in freedom all alone'. Some g8 man has said, i quote ; We walk faster when we walk alone ; I unquote. I choose the 2nd one.