Monday, February 8, 2010

'Freedom' Vs 'Love'

Just close ur eyes. Meditate for a while. Think of someone whose love u desire. Do u want to b important, to b especial nd make a difference to her life ? Do u want this person 2 care 4 u nd b concerned abt u in a special way ? If u do, open ur eyes nd see that u r foolishly inviting others 2 reserve u 4 themselves, 2 restrict ur freedom 4 their benefit, 2 control ur behaviour 2 suit their interest.
B'coz as I felt nd experienced, the other person says u silently, 'If u want 2 b especial 2 me then u must meet ma conditions. B'coz da moments u cease to live up 2 my expectations, u wl cease 2 b especial.'
So, u have 2 pay a price in 'lost freedom' if u r opting 4 'love' or 'relationship'. "Freedom" nd "Love" can't b together. If u opt 4 the one u wl certainly lose another. If u choose 'Love' then u have 2 dance into the tune of other person.

Don't u think that it is worth paying so much for a little. C'on man don't b emotional.


U decide, what u want, 'Company in Prison' or 'Walking the earth in freedom all alone'. Some g8 man has said, i quote ; We walk faster when we walk alone ; I unquote. I choose the 2nd one.


Rishu said...

Atlast i read all that bullshit, but i wonder does it make any sense. But to my utter disbelief it does make a sense. As my view it surely that u gng lose yr freedom, but degree of freedom may vary. If yr partner or both committed to relation i know this word lost its fragnance all bullshit or trash mean i mean both r providing space to each other than u lose less degree of freedom but its true u lose yr freedom but degree of liberty does matter. As in yr case i least know how much degree u lost. As a pre-conceived if u r in a relationship than u hav to sacrifice in it n as u sacrifice freedom holds the first to stand to evaporate. Slowly slowly it curtailing n eventually u lost all that u have had. So bachelor is first n gd stage to remain. As u wrote all this to educate yr hapless boys i think they least bother. If u said don't do that , that s harmful people hav the tendancy to do or give a try. Might be smeone who was victim or sufferer also warn u, but did u paid any heed to those meaningfull words, never naa. So i urge my friend to abstain 4m this poison n take refresh air out there.

Itz me Mukesh said...

Degree of freedom doesn't matter. Freedom is freedom. Freedom is an essential component of True love. If u r nt feeling free to do anything, any......thing den its not a true love. U knw that i think always in a different way that of others. This is also one of the content of my different kind of mindset.

Rishu said...

True luv which u referring is tak of past unseen or unrealised object, the luv u takng abt s never gng happen in this current era, so better to take note n avoid all d true luv fiction story. I need to refer mre bt due to time constrain icould write.

Itz me Mukesh said...

Luv is all abt sacrifice dear. If the other one is thinking that when my partner will cease living his life in my way he will be ceased to be especial to me den itz not love. And wat u r talking abt da past unseen love, i think that was more real. In love, u should nt expect anything from ur partner in return. When da 'return feeling' comes in mind den itz not love, it becomes a bloody 'business' in which profit nd loss is seen. Love is not a business. Itz a feeling. No matter, if u r nt in touch wid ur partner, it doesn't mean that love is ceased. Love is still dere. Love is a kind of energy which never losts. If u love someone then u wl ever loving him/her, no matters he/she loves u or not.
To wat extent my conservative mind(in some of da cases i m really too conservative) goes, i think this is wat love is all about.

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