Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Chance ??

12 days gone. No reply. No sign of you. Nothing. It was a second attempt & I failed again. I Can't write more than 'I m missing u a lot'.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The bad day !

Tiered. Confused. Unknown of myself. A kind of headache. Like somebody is hammering my head at the regular interval of time. A dry throat. An extra bit of thirst. Wanna open my eyes but WTF I am unable. Wanna move my tounge inside my mouth but WTF I am unable. Wanna wake up and get out of the bed but WTF I am unable. A dream which is made like a remix of all the bad dreams I had ever seen. Putting both my hands on my head and pressing it with an extreme force. An Absolute Hangover !

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Luck fucks !

02nd Apr 10:

Scene I (My sweet home):
Beta, maine tumhare liye khana pack karke tumhare bag me rakh diya hai, aur kuch snacks aur mithai bhi rakh di hai tumhare doston ke liye. My sweet Mom said. Aur haan, kisi se diya hua kuch khana nai train me, aur achhe se jaana, pahunch kar phone karna. These were the words said by my mom when I was leaving for the base (read as Air Force Station, Chennai). Everytime I leave from the home, my mom says these similar words, with a couple of tears in her eyes. And everytime, my heart also comes very close to weep. In fact it weeps silently ! I LOVE YOU, MOM ! Phir kab aana hoga, these were the words said by Papa to me. As being employed in Defence Sector, I was unable to answer those words.
Scene II (Tatanagar Rly Stn):
Train No.8189 was on the platform no.1 as usual. I just went in front of the gate of the coach no.B1, to check my name in the passenger chart which was pasted there. Needless to say, I was looking for the passengers who were alloted births near to seat no.15 (let me tell u that it was a side lower birth, if u r also weak in calculations like me) especially the "F" passengers. Suddenly, I delighted to see some "F19" has alloted the seat no. 16 (just above my seat, side upper).She was named as "Reshmi Sahu" as per the passenger chart list.
Scene III (Inside the train):
I entered in the coach B1 with a mood of satisfaction that 'chalo es baar kisi buddhe ke saath safar kharab nai karna padega' . She is young. She must be good looking as I was thinking. My mind started imaging that how he should be ! How would be her looks and all.
The train no.8189 departs at 15:50 hrs from Tatanagar. Now its 15:40 and nobody came to occupy the seat no.16. I thought, once again my luck factor has taken me to the bloddy hell. Deep in these thoughts, I saw a fatty girl (might be she was 10x me) with specs on came to me and asked that "excuse me! ur seat no. is 15 ?" I said yes. She said mine is 16. Yuck ! Miss Reshmi Sahu F 19. (Railway should first witness the passenger and then place the sex and age on the passenger chart, i thought) She was looking 10 years older than the age which is supposed to be by the railway system. Once again, I cursed my luck.
Scene IV (Chennai Central Rly Stn):
Wat can I say more about the journey ! I had not spoken a single word with that moti. I passed the 80% of my journey in sleeping. I console my heart by saying to myself that, "Chalo beta, better luck next time" !