Sunday, April 11, 2010

The bad day !

Tiered. Confused. Unknown of myself. A kind of headache. Like somebody is hammering my head at the regular interval of time. A dry throat. An extra bit of thirst. Wanna open my eyes but WTF I am unable. Wanna move my tounge inside my mouth but WTF I am unable. Wanna wake up and get out of the bed but WTF I am unable. A dream which is made like a remix of all the bad dreams I had ever seen. Putting both my hands on my head and pressing it with an extreme force. An Absolute Hangover !


MangoManBunty said...

Been there. Done that.

Shruti said...

In these conditions take a spoon of honey. U will feel good.

P.S: I don't want that u take a spoon of honey. Don't do the things which creates such a hangover.

Mukesh said...

Thanks for the advice.
Sundays r da days for such a hangover.

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