Tuesday, July 15, 2014


खूँटी पर टॅंगी
पिताजी के पैंट की जेब मे,
ऐरियाँ उचकाकर,
जब भी हाथ सरकाता रहा,
नोटों के बीच दुबकी हुई,
अठन्नी हाथ आती रही,
जैसे आज फिर  आई हो क्लास,
बिना होमवर्क किए,
और छुप कर जा बैठी हो,
कोने वाली सीट पर !

और हर दफ़ा,
बहुतेरे इरादे किए,
के गोलगप्पे खा आऊंगा
चौक पर से या,
बानिए की दुकान से,
खरीद लाऊँगा चूरन की पूडिया,

क्योंकि सोनपापडी वाला अठन्नी की,
बस चुटकी भर देता है,
और गुब्बारे से तो गुड़िया खेलती है,
मैं तो अब स्याना हो गया हूँ.

या फिर,
ऐसा करता हूँ 
के चुप चाप रख लेता हूँ इसे,
अपने बस्ते की उपर वाली चैन मे,
के जब भी आनमने ढंग से,
पेंसिल ढूँढने कुलबुलाएँगी उंगलियाँ,
शायद सिहर जाएँगी,
इसके शीतल स्पर्श से.

पर अभी अभी 
वो बर्फ वाला आया था,
तपती दुपहरी मे,
अपना तीन पहिए वाली गाड़ी लुढ़काते,
और ले गया है वो अठन्नी ,
उस गुलाबी वाली बर्फ के बदले,
जिसकी बस सीक़  बची है,
बर्फ पिघल चुकी है,
कुछ ज़बान पर,
कुछ हाथो मे,
और फिर से अठन्नी हो गयी है,
इस जेब से उस जेब,
ठीक उम्र की तरह!

जाने कितने सिक्के बचे हैं ,
ज़िंदगी की जेब मे,
जेबें बदलनी की,
मुराद से,
और छोड़ जाने को 
ज़बान पर थोड़ी सी ठंडक,
और हाथो मे
एक नाकाम सी सीक!

खैर हाथ सरका कर,
एक और अठन्नी,
निकाल ही लाते हैं.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Relationship : Husband~Wife

Disclaimer: Experience to write about this subject is only 1 year 4 months and 3 days. However, drafted long ago (at the time of IPL this year) but posting now. All are fictional and any relation to any human being is only co-incidental. Not intended to hurt anyone in this universe.

Husband’s and wive’s share a strange relationship…
Here are a few simple chit chats… to just throw some light on it… (all are fictional and any relation to any human being is only co-incidental )
” Why dont you appreciate how I look ? ”
” But Sweetheart I just did !! “
” Only when I asked u “
” But that doesnt change anything does it ? “
” It means your appreciation is artificial only to make me happy ”
” But sweetheart even before I would appreciate you asked ”
” Go to hell, I am not talking to you ! “
Amazingly wive’s have no patience… they ask too soon nevertheless you only appreciate and genuinely at that and still they can get angry on you… !!!! Obviously criticising is not an option !!
“ Mom called today.. “
” hmm..” (doesnt bother, watching IPL)
” She won full house in the kitty.. “
” hmm.. ”
” Listen, My mom called today.. “
” hmm.. ”
” She and my dad are coming to our house next week..”
” What ? Why ? “
” No they aren’t coming… just wanted to draw your attention from my SOUTEN… Cricket !! ”
She storms off…
Pathan has just whacked 2 sixes of 2 balls… the match is turning on its head… suddenly hearing the in-laws coming turns the hubby’s head… !!!
Also blame this IPL…. how unfair it is to keep non stop matches for 45 days !!! gee… tough times at home…
” Hey ”
” hmph ”
” Hey come here ”
” hmph ”
” come on… dont be so cruel… come here ”
” hmph ”
” uffo… Sorry ”
” hmph ”
” Holding my ears.. ”
” hmph ”
” Doing situps…  please forgive me… ”
” hmph ”
” Sorry ”
” hmph ”
” Hey did u check that novel I brought today for you ?? ”
” which one ? ”
” here – “ Indian Summers -John Wright 
Fling….. miss…. crash… he he he….
Some times guys stretch the lines…. but it can get deadly….  Not always do you escape…. But they dont learn things easily…
for those non cricketing types, Indian Summers is a book by former India coach.. John Wright about his experiences with Indian team in India… Btw its a really good book to read !
” hmph ”
” hmph ”
” Oh wow, you still made my coffee, I thought I would have to get it myself. See you love me too much, you can pretend but never hate me !! ”
” hmph ”
” geee….. ur so cruel… you put salt in the coffee !!!!! arghh…. ”
Most wive’s love their husband’s too much, way too much then they deserve… most husbands know it… and try and utilise it to their advantage unfairly… from time to time they stretch their limits and the consequence can be severe, the salt could have been nething……. just think !
Back from office with flowers in hand ..
” Here are your favourite rajnigandha’s !! ”
” Wow… “  ( smells them and is pleased as punch )
” Whats for dinner ? ”
” Your favourite Chicken Biryani.. ”
” Wow… but HOW, your rule of no Chicken in house ?? ”
” Rules are meant to be broken, arent they ?? “
” Awww…. “
{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}
and life goes on…...!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Love fading ??

All the couples muddling through long distance relationship wouldn't have had mustered the nerve to sail through the windy sea of The Relationship in the absence of mobile phones, telephones, internet and other telecommunication and transport facilities. OR would they have still gone for it ?

Frankly speaking, I don't know. Nowadays relationships fail to hark back to the antediluvian times when none of the above mentioned facilities existed. In today's world, we need the constant regular feed (the facilities) to poke the fire and keep it kindling. Am I mistaken here ? Shouldn't the only feed required be love and the above mentioned facilities be mere (though nowadays important) catalysts ? It would have been such a marvelous thing called 'Love' in those days when Love was both 'The Entity' and 'The Mediator' within the two and between the two.

Are gone those days when there was pillar-strong connection between the two despite the absence of any putative mode of connectivity ? Can such love subsist in today's world ? Has the growing connectivity today, actually rendered the strength of love as relatively lilliputian ?

But then in the realms of all these questions, rises another one that changes the cusp of the previous questions. What was Love then, in those times ? With the distance and no connectivity, how did they care for each other and where was the sharing ?

For me love is too mammoth like to be defined or seen in its de facto figure. But there's one aspect that I vehemently believe in and that is sharing. I fail to discern that how can love last in the absence of sharing. But then, the fact is that it used to exist then. How and in what form it used to exist is a mystery that still evades me.

Today, even in the time of multiple networks, love fails to get connected between the two. It definitely needs more than just technology & gizoms. It needs love.

Nevertheless I believe that love should be like a river with continuous flow. The moment it behaves in an ebb and flow manner, it can cease to flow altogether at any time later. So once it is ignited, pull out all the stops to keep fueling it even while the most direct circumstances and also never abandon it even when prices of the fuels go high.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And after a long time, its cricket !

Ian Bell is a good batsman. Thats all he is. He is not an umpire. He is not a match referee. He is not the sole authority on the cricket field. At some point yesterday he decided he was all of these things. He assumed that the ball was dead. Him and him alone. His batting partner, Eoin Morgan didn't. The bowler didn't. The fielder who had thrown the ball in didn't. And the umpires didn't. Yet in a supreme display of arrogance, Bell trotted over to his batting partner, who looked most uncomfortable about the whole affair since he had just put his bat in the crease after attempting to warn Bell, and knew something unfortunate was about to occur.

Make no mistake, the error was Bell's and Bell's alone, nothing but sheer stupidity. But it gets worse from here. Ignore the indignation from the English, who almost drowned twitter out with calls for Dhoni's head for, well, doing the correct thing. As the umpires asked Dhoni if he wanted to uphold the appeal, they also turned to the English batsmen and asked them to wait on the field until a decision had been made. Bell's arrogance took to the fore again and he marched off, seemingly as oblivious to their request as he seemed to the entire run out fiasco. Note that even at that point the umpires had still not called Tea, it was Bell who took it upon himself to declare the session over. Bell was actually stopped just before he left the ground to his obvious disgust by the fourth umpire, who politely reminded him that the session had not in fact officially ended.
The most petulant and a serial offender in the English side, much like his father before him, and rewarded with T20 captaincy - this is the same bowler who is the only international cricketer to have conceded 6 sixes in an over in a T20 match - Stuart Broad, took it upon himself to step into his father's shoes and check if VVS Laxman had applied Vaseline to his bat. The English seem to think this sort of behavior is amusing, its a bit like throwing jelly beans on the pitch, its all in good fun when you're not at the receiving end. Insinuate that an Englishman might be a cheat and you'll get the response the Pakistani team received after their counter accusations during the spot fixing brouhaha.

Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower chose to approach Dhoni during the Tea interval and ask him to reconsider his appeal. This has been described as "most unorthodox" but the more simple way of describing it is that it was way out of line. You cannot go to the opposition and ask them to play in a manner that suits your players after your very players are solely responsible for an incident because of their stupidity, and especially not after the mob you're leading onto the field has already acted so disgracefully. The trouble is, nobody seems to be telling England that they're behaving terribly. Oh no, quite the opposite.

A match full of controversies. And finally India LOST ! :( 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kuch Kaho na....

She was in his arms. fighting with her life. she is sure that she is going to leave the world soon. she is sure that she is going to leave him soon. she is sure that she is going to be dead soon. she is sure that she is going to be no more in this world soon. 

He is just moving his hands slowly in her head, deep inside her hairs; so slowly, so gently. so, that she might not get hurt. He is sure that after some time she will not get hurt forever. He is sure that he will be left alone in the midst of the crowd. He is sure that he will feel lonely. 
And at this senario he wants to listen something. and he expresses his feelings in this way. here it goes:

सौ जन्म का साथ अपना
साँस का धड़कन से जैसे, 
आस का जीवन से जैसे,
रूप का दर्पण से जैसे,
झूठ  के परदे ना ढूँढो
सच कहो ना.....
कुछ कहो ना.....

एक दूजे के लिए हम,
हाथ में कंगन के जैसे,
पाँव में पायल के जैसे,
प्यास में सावन के जैसे,
झील सी सिमटी ना बैठो,
कुछ बहो ना....
कुछ कहो ना....

जानता हूँ थक गयी हो
उम्र के लम्बे सफ़र में,
साँप से डसते शहर से,
भीड़ के गहरे भंवर से
वक़्त कुछ कहता है, सुनो ना....
इतना डरो ना......
कुछ कहो ना.....

किस तरह लडती रही हो,
प्यास से, वीरानियों  से,
नींद से, रानायिओं से,
मौत से और ज़िन्दगी से,
तीज से और तन्हाईयों से,
सब तपस्या तोड़ डालो,
अब सहो ना.....
कुछ कहो ना....

सांस थी सहमी  सी,
धडकनों को एक डर
इतना तनहा और लम्बा
ज़िन्दगी का ये सफ़र

पल से पल तक जी रहे हैं
तुम ही पल पल आस हो ना
एक पल तो और ठहरो,
एक पल और साथ दो ना....
कुछ कहो ना......