Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Love fading ??

All the couples muddling through long distance relationship wouldn't have had mustered the nerve to sail through the windy sea of The Relationship in the absence of mobile phones, telephones, internet and other telecommunication and transport facilities. OR would they have still gone for it ?

Frankly speaking, I don't know. Nowadays relationships fail to hark back to the antediluvian times when none of the above mentioned facilities existed. In today's world, we need the constant regular feed (the facilities) to poke the fire and keep it kindling. Am I mistaken here ? Shouldn't the only feed required be love and the above mentioned facilities be mere (though nowadays important) catalysts ? It would have been such a marvelous thing called 'Love' in those days when Love was both 'The Entity' and 'The Mediator' within the two and between the two.

Are gone those days when there was pillar-strong connection between the two despite the absence of any putative mode of connectivity ? Can such love subsist in today's world ? Has the growing connectivity today, actually rendered the strength of love as relatively lilliputian ?

But then in the realms of all these questions, rises another one that changes the cusp of the previous questions. What was Love then, in those times ? With the distance and no connectivity, how did they care for each other and where was the sharing ?

For me love is too mammoth like to be defined or seen in its de facto figure. But there's one aspect that I vehemently believe in and that is sharing. I fail to discern that how can love last in the absence of sharing. But then, the fact is that it used to exist then. How and in what form it used to exist is a mystery that still evades me.

Today, even in the time of multiple networks, love fails to get connected between the two. It definitely needs more than just technology & gizoms. It needs love.

Nevertheless I believe that love should be like a river with continuous flow. The moment it behaves in an ebb and flow manner, it can cease to flow altogether at any time later. So once it is ignited, pull out all the stops to keep fueling it even while the most direct circumstances and also never abandon it even when prices of the fuels go high.