Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Men Vs Women (Part I)

Due to the wiring and construction of the mind of men and women they are totally different. Nobody is wrong and nobody is right at there places. They are just totally different........ Here are some of the points:

  • Men dominate TV remote control and flick through the channels, women don't mind watching the commercials.
  • Under Pressure men drink alcohol, smoke but women go for choclate and shopping.
  • Women criticise men for being insensitive, uncaring, not listening, not being committed to relationship, wanting to have sex rather than to make love, turning the temperature down etc,. Men criticise women about their driving, for not being able to read street directories , for turning maps upside down, for their lack of a sense of direction, for talking too much without getting to the point, for not initiating sex often enough, turning the temperature up, and for leaving the toilet seat down.
  • Men can never find a pair of socks but thier CDs are in alphabetical order,. Women can always find the missing set of car keys but rarely the most direct route to their destination.
  • If a women is out driving and gets lost, she'll stop and ask for direction. To a man, this is a sign of weakness. He'll drive round in circles for hours, muttering things like, "I've found a new way to get there" or "I am in the general area" like these.
  • Women have two X-chromosome, that's why they can describe colours in great details. A man will use basic colour description like red, blue and green but women will talk of bone, aqua, teal and apple greeen etc.
  • Women have a wider peripheral vision than men. Men have a good tunnel vision. This is because in ancient years, men were hunters and women were nest defenders.
  • Men have difficulty lying a woman face to face. But, as most women know lying to a man face to face is comparatively easy. Most men, if they are going to lie a woman, would be far better off doing it over the phone, in a mail or with all the lights off, and a blanket over their heads.
  • Women hear better than men. A woman's brain is programmed to hear a baby cry in the night, where as a father may be oblivious to it and keep on sleeping.
  • Men and women's brain have evolved with different strengths, talents and abilities. Men's brain is designed in such a way that they are having a long distance navigation, skills for hitting a target and they lack in coversations and sensitive to anyone's emotional needs and interpersonal skills. Women's brain is designed in such a way that they are good for short range navigation, wider peripheral vision to monitor their surroundings, the ability to perform several activities simultaneously, and effective communication skills.
  • Men's brain is configured in such a way that they can concentrate on one thing at a time. Women's brain is configured for multi-tasking performance.
  • Men do not want to talk much or show their emotions much. If a girl and a boy attends the same party and after that party we ask to the girl, "how was the party dear"? She will give an articulate recitation of everything wat happened -who said what to whom, how everyone felt about it and what she and they were wearing. But at the same time, we ask the same question to a boy then he will reply that, "Uhhh......! good".
  • Male brains are highly compartmentalised, and have the ability to separate and store information. At the end of a day full of problems, a man's mono-tracking brain can put them on hold. The female brain does not store information in this way-the problems just keep going around and around in her head. The only way a woman gets rid of her problems from her mind is by talking about them to acknowledge them. Therefore, when a woman talks at the end of a day, her objective is to discharge the problems, not to find conclusions or solutions.
  • For a woman, "To Talk" is to build and strengthen relationships. But for a man, "To Talk" is to relate facts. Here "To Talk" means, talking face to face or in telephone.
  • Men need to understand that when a woman talks, she is not expecting him to respong with solutions. Women, need to understand that when a man doesn't talk, that is not a clue that something is wrong or she is being unloved.
  • To argue sucessfully, a women uses the words that she doesn't really mean.
  • Women are more emotional than man due to the structure of their brain. A women can become emotional while discussing an emotional issue, while a man is less likely to do the same, or he will simply refuse to discuss the issue.
  • A woman will be very happy when she will be "adviced" by a man but man hate "advices". He thinks , that he himself can find the better way.
  • Woman don't want solutions, they just want to talk about things and for someone to listen it.
Note: These facts are srictly for pure masculine and faminine brain. There may be chances that some of the masculine brain have a little percentage of faminity and some of the faminine brain have a little percentage of masculinty. Then there may be little variations on the facts..

(More to follow in next parts of the "Men Vs Women").

Monday, December 14, 2009

~Broken Relationships~

After reading the novel "why men lie & women cry" by Allen & Barbara Pease. Here are one of the paragraph directly from that book.

"If we look into the ancient history, women evolved as child-bearers and nest-defenders and as a result, female brain became hardweired to nurture, nourish, love and care for the people in their lives. Men evolved with a completely different job descriptions- they were hunters, chasers, protectors, providrs and problem-solvers. It makes sense that male and female brains are hardwiered for different functions and priorities.
              Women write most of the books on human relationships, and over 80% of the purchases are female. To a neutral observer, this may give the impression that women care more about relationships than men. In many ways, this is right. The concept of focusing on a relationship is not a natural part of the male psyche, thinking or scale of priorities. Consequently, men either don't try at all with relationships or they give up early, because they find the way women think and act too complex. It sometimes seems all too hard and its easier to quit early than be seen as failure. But, the truth is that men want good, healthy, fulfilling relationships just as much as women. They simply assume that one day a perfect relationship will come along, without the need for prior study or preparation. Women regularly make the mistake of assuming that just because a man loves her, he must also understand her, but he usually don't."
This is why most of the relationships are breaking in the recent days. Both "men and women" are having different structure of brain and they are different by their thinking, doing the things and all. Both have to understand each other for a healthy reationship.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why We Respect Sachin's Wife

Inspired by Shobhaa De's Post:

Anjali Tendulkar is like an unblemished english rose. Everybody loves her. I am yet to meet a single person who has an adverse comment to make about Sachin's wife. She is pleasant looking, ever smiling, discreet and admirably low-key. She herself goes to leave their kids to school or to pick up sachin from Airport. Anjali definetely falls into the neighbours envy, owners pride category, even if that format of the idealised "desi bahu"  no longer works for a large number of Urban Indian Families. Somewhere, at the backs of our minds, we secretly admire Anjali for all tha qualities that are fast disappearing in our cities. Anjali gave up a career (she is a qualified doctor) to raise a family. She chose to become a full-time homemaker when her generation of educated women the world over were forging ahead aggressively and shattering glass ceilings at the workplace. She stayed out of the limelight when other wives (Posh Beckham there, Sangeeta Bijlani here) of star sportsmen were busy flaunting their privileged status. She has always dressed in sensible, even dowdy garments, as opposed to super glam couture. She has resisted walking the ramp for any high-profile charity, though she quietly supports quite a few. She, more than any other celeb spouse, has lived the role of a modern day "Pativarta" - silent, loyal and caring. The perfect wife, who has understood her position in marraige and placed her personal priorities on the back burner. No ego. No conflict. Being Sachin's wife never be easy. He can't be around like a regular  family man with a 9 to 5 job. Anjali has never cribbled at least not in public. Her devotion to the man is apparent enough, when she says she doesn't eat a single morsel when her husband is batting. Wow g8.

Those 36-6 hours (Read as 36 minus 06 hours)

Wat a 36-6 hours of my life:

4th December 09:
TATANAGAR RLY STN:  "Yaatrigan kripya dhayan dein......" like these sweet sound went into my ears and I ran towards the train no.8189 as I was a bit late to reach the station  from its scheduled time of departure. (Read as 1545 hrs). Somehow I managed to get upon the train, timely. I was a bit worried b'coz I was not having a confirmed seat as, it was reflecting as RAC 3, when I have checked it at about 1200 hrs on that day. But, after getting upon the train, I got to know that I was alloted B1 23. Relaxed a bit !
After 06 hours of journey, I met with a very cute & beautiful gal, named "Tisha". "Beauty" and "Manners" attracted me towards her. She asked my name and threw her hands towards me and offered a friendship. I was in no position to refuse her. She asked me to play cards with her but I refused it, saying "I don't know it'. Though, I am good in it. Then she taught me, how to play it. I was just looking at her whe she was explaining it to me. I was very attracted to the charmness she has got on her "Nothing-Knowing" face. She asked me, whether I had seen the movie "Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani". Though I have watched this movie for a certain number of times, I said "NO". Then she started to tell me about the whole story of the movie in her own strange words and thoughts. She has got a "Blue Lays" (in her own words) and first she offered it to me, then only she started taking it. Wow, Wat a manners she has got ! After sometime when we both were silent she said,"apna muh kholiye" (which means 'open ur mouth') and inserted one of the chips of 'Blue Lays' in my mouth. Wow g8 ! During maximum time of the journey she was with me in the seat no. 23 (Let me tell you that it was a 'side lower' if ur mathematics is weak like me.) I hate those 06 hours when I was not with her. Wat a journey and what a "36-6" hours of my life.

Actually she was a seven years old baby studying in Standard II at "The Hindu International" school at Erode. She wid her family which includes Mom, Dad, Dadaji, Dadiji and Bade pa were travelling from JSG* to ERD*. Actually they were a resident of Erode and were returning to home after attending a marriage ceremony at Jharsugoda. Really, Lucky parents to have a baby like this, and me also lucky a bit to spent a "36-6" hours wid her and them.

*JSG: Jharsugoda. Its a place in Orrisa.
*ERD: Erode. Situated at Tamilnadu.

(Note: Itz my own experience that whenever my ticket indicates that I am a W/L Pessanger and it is confirmed afterwards, I meet with people who really attracts me a lot with their "manners", "beauty" or "personality".)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Science says, "Love is..................."

In our terms of view, love is to care 4 somebody, to think 4 somebody and da power to leave the whole world 4 da one to whom you love and something which is reflected in point no.8 of my blog, "I hate........".

 But what science says is laid down here. Take a look of it........

{There is a dozen of view to speculate ‘love’. Wisely science depicts love as life like force which keeps the varied organs speed up through inner activities concerned with both body and mental aspects. So science tends ‘love’ as its trendsetter to dig up into the very core of things. The creation of science based on ‘relation’ guided by invisible related power of both physical and mental world regarded as love. So, in the light of science ‘love’ as an arrant relationship in the matter of ‘attachment’, ‘passion’, and ‘sex’ without which this life and world not be feasible. So sex, passion, attachment and mating are indispensable in life whenever they are cherished in the asking of true way because without this body ( i.e. physical / visible world) no inner activities are probable. In the topic of love, Helen Fisher divides ‘the experience of love into three partly overlapping stages: lust, attachment and attraction’. And in 2005, an Italian scientist at Pavia University found that ‘a protein molecule known as the nerve growth factor (NGF) has high levels when people first fallen in love, but these levels return to as they are after one year. Specially four neurotrophin levels,viz NGF, BDNU, NT-3 and NT-4, of 58 subjects who had recently in love were compared with levels in a control group who were either single or already engaged in a long term relationship’. ‘Biological models of sex tend to view ‘love’ as a mammalian drive, much like hunger or thirst.—sexual desire involves the increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and estrogen. —the brain consistently release a certain set of chemicals including pheromones, norepinehrine and serotonin, which act similar to amphetammes stimulating the brain’s pleasure center and leading to side-effects such as heart beat, loss of appetite and sleep and an intense feeling of excitement’.}

( Note: The contents above are taken from Wikipedia-encyclopedia.)
Now, wat u think "wat is love ???"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I Am Not Yours"


 (This is for the one who is very close to my heart and a very special one for me. Really, I love you a lot.)

I don't know why but now a days my heart is saying that "I am not yours". Its nothinng like that I don't love you. I really love you a lot. I love you from the innermost core of my heart and nobody can take place of you. (In my point of view "love" refers to the point no.8 of my blog " I hate myself........") But now a days i think i am not the right choice for you. I m nothing in front of you coz the standard you have got, i m nothing in front of that. Irrespective of our future I will be loving you till da last breath of my life or even after death.

purely written and composed by me:


I am not yours, not lost in you,
Not lost, although I long to be
Lost as a candle lit at noon,
Lost as a snowflake in the sea.

I am not yours, I am not yours
Although I love you, Although I love you

You love me, and I find you still
A spirit beautiful and bright,
Yet I am I, who long to be
Lost as a light is lost in light.

I am not yours, I am not yours
Although I love you, Although I love you

Oh plunge me deep in love, put out
My senses, leave me deaf and blind,
Swept by the tempest of your love,
A taper in a rushing wind.

I am not yours, I am not yours
Although I love you, Although I love you