Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why We Respect Sachin's Wife

Inspired by Shobhaa De's Post:

Anjali Tendulkar is like an unblemished english rose. Everybody loves her. I am yet to meet a single person who has an adverse comment to make about Sachin's wife. She is pleasant looking, ever smiling, discreet and admirably low-key. She herself goes to leave their kids to school or to pick up sachin from Airport. Anjali definetely falls into the neighbours envy, owners pride category, even if that format of the idealised "desi bahu"  no longer works for a large number of Urban Indian Families. Somewhere, at the backs of our minds, we secretly admire Anjali for all tha qualities that are fast disappearing in our cities. Anjali gave up a career (she is a qualified doctor) to raise a family. She chose to become a full-time homemaker when her generation of educated women the world over were forging ahead aggressively and shattering glass ceilings at the workplace. She stayed out of the limelight when other wives (Posh Beckham there, Sangeeta Bijlani here) of star sportsmen were busy flaunting their privileged status. She has always dressed in sensible, even dowdy garments, as opposed to super glam couture. She has resisted walking the ramp for any high-profile charity, though she quietly supports quite a few. She, more than any other celeb spouse, has lived the role of a modern day "Pativarta" - silent, loyal and caring. The perfect wife, who has understood her position in marraige and placed her personal priorities on the back burner. No ego. No conflict. Being Sachin's wife never be easy. He can't be around like a regular  family man with a 9 to 5 job. Anjali has never cribbled at least not in public. Her devotion to the man is apparent enough, when she says she doesn't eat a single morsel when her husband is batting. Wow g8.


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what a thinking.............

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