Sunday, December 6, 2009

Those 36-6 hours (Read as 36 minus 06 hours)

Wat a 36-6 hours of my life:

4th December 09:
TATANAGAR RLY STN:  "Yaatrigan kripya dhayan dein......" like these sweet sound went into my ears and I ran towards the train no.8189 as I was a bit late to reach the station  from its scheduled time of departure. (Read as 1545 hrs). Somehow I managed to get upon the train, timely. I was a bit worried b'coz I was not having a confirmed seat as, it was reflecting as RAC 3, when I have checked it at about 1200 hrs on that day. But, after getting upon the train, I got to know that I was alloted B1 23. Relaxed a bit !
After 06 hours of journey, I met with a very cute & beautiful gal, named "Tisha". "Beauty" and "Manners" attracted me towards her. She asked my name and threw her hands towards me and offered a friendship. I was in no position to refuse her. She asked me to play cards with her but I refused it, saying "I don't know it'. Though, I am good in it. Then she taught me, how to play it. I was just looking at her whe she was explaining it to me. I was very attracted to the charmness she has got on her "Nothing-Knowing" face. She asked me, whether I had seen the movie "Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani". Though I have watched this movie for a certain number of times, I said "NO". Then she started to tell me about the whole story of the movie in her own strange words and thoughts. She has got a "Blue Lays" (in her own words) and first she offered it to me, then only she started taking it. Wow, Wat a manners she has got ! After sometime when we both were silent she said,"apna muh kholiye" (which means 'open ur mouth') and inserted one of the chips of 'Blue Lays' in my mouth. Wow g8 ! During maximum time of the journey she was with me in the seat no. 23 (Let me tell you that it was a 'side lower' if ur mathematics is weak like me.) I hate those 06 hours when I was not with her. Wat a journey and what a "36-6" hours of my life.

Actually she was a seven years old baby studying in Standard II at "The Hindu International" school at Erode. She wid her family which includes Mom, Dad, Dadaji, Dadiji and Bade pa were travelling from JSG* to ERD*. Actually they were a resident of Erode and were returning to home after attending a marriage ceremony at Jharsugoda. Really, Lucky parents to have a baby like this, and me also lucky a bit to spent a "36-6" hours wid her and them.

*JSG: Jharsugoda. Its a place in Orrisa.
*ERD: Erode. Situated at Tamilnadu.

(Note: Itz my own experience that whenever my ticket indicates that I am a W/L Pessanger and it is confirmed afterwards, I meet with people who really attracts me a lot with their "manners", "beauty" or "personality".)


sukumar said...

such a nice journey......

Itz me Mukesh said...

@sukumar: ya it was. I miss that journey too much

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