Sunday, June 13, 2010


 Disclaimer: It is expected that You all will feel the words, thoughts and feeling hidden behind these words.

ये कैसी मुहब्बत, कहाँ के फ़साने
ये पीने पिलाने के है सब बहाने
वो दामन हो उनका की सुनसान सेहरा
बस हमको तो आखिर है आंसू बहाने
ये किसने मुझे मस्त नज़रो से देखा
लगे खुद-ब-खुद ही कदम लड़खड़ाने
चलो तुम भी "गुमनाम" अब मैकदे में
तुम्हे दफ़न करने हैं कई गम पुराने 

P.S: Some of my blog visitors are there, who never wants that I should know that he/she visits my blog. (At least once in a day). My heartiest thanks to those also who takes the pain to type "Mukesh Gorai, blog" in Google Search with windows 7 installed laptop and then start reading my posts. (Though, I know that who is it)  Thanks once again. Plz carry on b'coz it gives the blog author (me) a great energy + a kind of mixed emotions.( which sometime I think, is good for me)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Raajneeti" -The Politics

   05th June 10:  A planning to watch the movie "Raajneeti". Failed to execute the plan. Reasons:
                      1. Santosh was having some commitment.
                      2. Me & AK was having a cricket match on 05th morning itself.
                      3. Ajeet, Suman, AK & Me again was having a Liquor-cum-dinner party.

However, the Plan was rightly executed on 06th June. Finally Me, Rishu, Ajeet, Suman, Santosh & AK went for the movie so called "Raajneeti". It was decided by the Board of Regiment* that 10pm - 1 am show will be a better option.
We entered the hall by running as we were a bit (5 mins or so) late. Let me tell u that here in south there is no craze of Hindi movies. Edhar to Rajnikanth hi chaye hue hain. These all bloody Tammis* love Rajnikanth and his movies. The best example was, the show was running only with 22 visitors inside the hall. Bloody Shame !

AK, Santosh, Ajeet & Suman liked the movie a lot. For Rishu, it was a mixed expression I think so. Now, coming to the point that what I felt about the movie. Lemme tell u that I am not a Politics/Raajneeti-freak guy. In fact I hate Raajniti/Politics. However, some of the scenes I liked was :-

(i) The unexpected kiss in the rain between Naseerudin Shah & some unknown (to me) actress.

(ii) The love/romantic/sad scenes between Ranbir kapoor and Katrina.

(iii) some of the smoking scenes performed by Ranbir.

(iv) The Background music which sometimes comes slowly slowly whispering "mora piya mose bolat nahi....."

And the whole movie expect the abovestated, felt me like something which is regularly generating a kind of itching/disturbness to my mind. In fact, Prakash Jha has not applied his heart in the making of the film. He has applied his cunning brain as well as the Present Scenario Politics and Past Mahabharata. C'on Jha Jeee come out of Politics/Raajneeti and think for a while. It will give a kind of pleasure/peace to you. This is the first movie I have seen, that after watching this, I felt that I have wasted my money as well as time & also taken a kind of headache.
Though, we enjoyed coz we all were there. At least not by the movie (not me) but by passing comments on each and every scene we watched.

Planning to watch, " I Hate Love Storys" !

* Regiment: The bonding of all six (ME, RISHU, AK, SANTOSH, AJEET & SUMAN)
*Tammis: The typical Tamilians