Sunday, June 13, 2010


 Disclaimer: It is expected that You all will feel the words, thoughts and feeling hidden behind these words.

ये कैसी मुहब्बत, कहाँ के फ़साने
ये पीने पिलाने के है सब बहाने
वो दामन हो उनका की सुनसान सेहरा
बस हमको तो आखिर है आंसू बहाने
ये किसने मुझे मस्त नज़रो से देखा
लगे खुद-ब-खुद ही कदम लड़खड़ाने
चलो तुम भी "गुमनाम" अब मैकदे में
तुम्हे दफ़न करने हैं कई गम पुराने 

P.S: Some of my blog visitors are there, who never wants that I should know that he/she visits my blog. (At least once in a day). My heartiest thanks to those also who takes the pain to type "Mukesh Gorai, blog" in Google Search with windows 7 installed laptop and then start reading my posts. (Though, I know that who is it)  Thanks once again. Plz carry on b'coz it gives the blog author (me) a great energy + a kind of mixed emotions.( which sometime I think, is good for me)


MangoManBunty said...

two things:

one, you might not realize the perfect metre these nazms are in. these are your best till now.

two, aisi kaun sahiba hain ranchi mein?? :P

MangoManBunty said...

aapne bhi naam "gumnaam" rakh to cheating hui! :D

Mukesh said...

@ mangoman: Thanks bhai. U liked it, bas kaam ho gaya.
BTW "GUMNAAM" is inspired by you only.

Mukesh said...

@ mangoman: The feedjit traffic technology fails here. That sahiba belongs to Jamshedpur and not Ranchi. And I am dead sure on this.

Sneha said...

wow ! I agree with mangoman. Really, this post is ur best post till date. An absolute poetry for which I was waiting. Thanks for such kind of stuff. But sometime I think that how much pain is there inside u, that ur poems are like this.

Are hame v bata do wo kaun hai jo roj ek baar "mukesh gorai, blog" type karke Google search karta hai. Agar roj aapka blog padhta hai to aapke blog ko follow kyu nai karta. Itna type karne ki kya jarurat ? By da way aap to cha gaye guru. Bahuto ko deewana bana rakha hai aapke blog ne.


Mukesh said...

@Sneha: Thanks. U know, comments lyk this helps the blogger to improve his writings day by day.
Poetry ka maja to pain me hi hai. Wo poetry, poetry kya jisme dard hi na ho. My next post "Dil Udas Hai" is on the way. [es baar aur v dard chupa hoga, bas baat aaplogo (read as "all blog visitors") ke ehsas ki hai]

Are hamare blog me aisa kuch v nai hai jo logo ko deewana banaye. Aur wo jo v hai [Mukesh gorai, blog searcher] I really thank that person. Though I know, who is it, but I m not supposed to discuss more abt this matter.

Anand said...

Very nice poetry Mukesh.

Mukesh said...

@Anand : Dhanyabad sarkar !

R.G said...

wow........!!! sach me aap to blog ke dunia ke badsaah ban gaye ho........ keep it up.

mahesh gorai said...

ये कैसी मुहब्बत, कहाँ के फ़साने
ये पीने पिलाने के है सब बहाने was more osm bro 2day m enjoying of ur all blog !!!

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