Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's up ?

XYZ: Hey, How are you?
Me: Hi, am fine.. What about you?
XYZ: Okies… chal raha hain… aur batao… wassup?
Me: Nothing much; work pressure :-(


ABC: Hiiiiiiiiiii, ki khobor? (what news?)
Me: The same… too much work pressure :-(


Nowadays, I am trying to figure out better ways to say the same old thing… may be a better way to start the same old conversation… ! May be becoz its a change in working atmosphere or its a change in the other (hidden) aspects of life.

1. My life sucks, instead of “am fine”
2. I guess, tomorrow I am going to commit suicide!
3. Don’t ask such silly questions (to ki khobor)
4. I am up to something big… will let you know later (and hope that the person dies of curiosity)
5. Can’t disclose.. state top secret (in answer to wassup)

I can’t think of more… Any help please ? (you can help me by commenting; plz help !)


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