Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing You !

27 Dec 10. Heart skipped a beat or two. Or it completely skipped the beats. Something that made me to leave Chennai. Something that made me to leave the the sweetest accompany of the sweetest friends ever. Something that made me to leave the sweetest room-mates ever. Something that made me to leave Bhai-Jee. Something that made me to leave Regiment. But, I had to leave. One can't help. I can't help.

27 Jul 06. First day at Chennai. And from that time I enjoyed living there, working there, playing there. Everything ! But then 27 Dec 10. Fuck !

14 Jan 11. I was leaving chennai for ever ( I think so). Pub Picnic. Party. Compartment B1 in the train no.13352. B'day Cake. Those wet eyes. Really, Miss U a lot guys.

[occupants of Arjan Singh Block ; I miss u a lot.]

[Regiment: The most of the time I spend wid. Those unlimited Plans. 
Unlimited Beers. Unlimited Smokes. And Bhai-jee (first from the left in da standing row)]

[Anna. The most unexpected fellow. Very Energetic. 
Nobody knows wat he gonna say next. 
A psychologist. An entry-mate cum office-mate. Miss You Anna.]
[Rabia. The most cheerful and innocent guy. Always smiling. I miss you a lot.]

And there are a dozen of people in the living-in campus of Avadi whom I m gonna miss for the lifetime. Thats for sure. Its a long list but, I would like to mention it here. And here it goes.
1. P. Pandey who is the most sentimental, most helpful person there. (sorry yaar, i m not having ur pic, plz mail me a.s.a.p) And yes, He is a good reader too.
2. Kapil. A very good sportsperson. A very good cook too. ( I miss ur chana masala and daal fry seriously.) 
3. Gurpreet. A decent fellow. And yes, the only sardar jee of my billet. ( I believe). Miss you dear.
4. Deshwal. Having a good physique and a good stamina as well. Dedicated. Wishing u a very happy married life (I am wishing u probably one month before). I would try my best to be there in ur marriage.
5. Thakur. Nothing to say. The tagline is "Himachal Pradesh ki jay". Tremendous guy. He used to jhelo the full bakchodi when we are fultoo drunk and though he never drinks but gives company with the fucking Appy Fizz or any cold drinks. And mind u, he eats too. If u r goin to make a menu for the party then add 2 person's diet in place of Thakur. 
6. Sharma. Radhe-Radhe. A good person. Lazy too. Miss ur shero-shayari. Wishing u too a very happy married life.
7. Verma Sir. A tremendous painter. I have seen his paintings. Those are really awesome.
8. Anniruddh yadav. A fulltoos bakchod. Pure DP. Say thanks to me. U knw, why.
9. Pawan. An excellent cricketer. And a good team-mate.
10. Sumit Choudhary. An intelligent guy as well as an excellent bowler. And a good team mate.
11. Punia. A trade-mate. Office-mate. And someone with u can do the backchodi in shuddh hindi.
12. Pandey sir. Though he is posted to some other place. was a good partner in drinking especially. A good observer. But, u r advised not to take tensions by little-little things in life. (I think this is wat i had written in ur slam book also)
13. Chikara. A cute but No.1 Laundiabaaz. Enjoy !
14. Diwakar. Simplicity. Honest. Miss u buddy. I couldn't meet u while leaving. Sorry for that !
15. Ghosal. Intelligent. And smart too. 
16. Baba. The real-baba-type person. Yoga in the morning. Gym in the evening. Fruits all time. Take care baba.
And a lot of persons out dere

It was a real pain to be apart from all u guys. I am missing u and will miss u a lot. And at the same time, I hope that we will meet somewhere at sometime. And we will have fun when we meet again.


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