Sunday, May 15, 2011

You are mine !

Disclaimer: Some adult contents. If you are below 18, please don't read. Leave. But if you are in love then below 18 is not a criteria. Go on !

If i hold your lovely hands tonight, 
would you doubt the intentions in my mind ?
would you shy away from my touch, 
if i told you, touching you is not enough ....

If i kneel, and ask you for a dance, 
would you rather, take a defiant stance ?
or would you smile, and take my arm, 
sweeped and swayed, by my unpolished charm ?

Would you resist, if i took your waist, 
and wrapped my arms around your stage ?
If you feel my breath on your skin, 
would you blush, and take me in ?

If i whispered in your ear, 
would you smile, and pull me near ?
Would you tremble if i touched your eyes ?
Would you find the love that's too hard to hide ?

If i touched your lips with mine , 
would you fear then, crossing the line ?
If i ran my fingers down your back ,
would you snug your nose on my neck ?

If i held you in my arms tight,
would you, please tell me ,  be mine tonight ?
I can tell you I love you a thousands times again , 
All these years , not a moment in vain.... 

Would you remember those times if i made you think,
and told you our stories and gave you some hints?
Would you remember, that this in not the first time, 
that i hold you in my arms , and tell you , you are mine.....


Anand said...

Good one

Mukesh said...

@Anand : Dhanyabad !

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