Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Question

Gone are the days when you had to depend on pigeons to spread the word of love and wait for another month to get her reply back. Half of the time poor birds used to get confused making wrong connections like delivering my mails to your girl friend (and you used to blame me).

Thanks to advances in science, love now knows no boundaries. Reliance and social networking sites has helped love grow faster and quicker. On the negative side, the social networking sites have also given  birth to a new generation of Net Romeos, stalking every female profile across globe. If you really want to imagine the pain of a girl who receives thousands of friend requests daily on Orkut (from horney people), you have to think of how you feel when you get unsolicited sms from Airtel about their nonsense promotions.

Usually web based love grows spiraling through four stages. Orkut stage (or introductory stage) lasts for 10 days where both parties get to know each other on basic level. Since privacy is an issue with Orkut,  love
moves to second stage, G-Talk stage.In this stage both lovers gets more comfortable with each other gathering various personal information like count of previous boyfriends /girlfriends. They also start sharing their pictures to each other and male will change his computer password based on her name. This stage nearly lasts for 2 months. Then lovers move to Phone stage. In this stage, phone bills start increasing and finally both parties switch to Reliance as it gives free talk time to other Reliance phones during night. At this stage lovers mostly discuss their daily routine like when did they take shower or what she bought from the market. At this stage both agrees that they love each other and can not live without each other. Then finally comes fourth stage, Face to Face stage. Both decide to meet somewhere to discuss how they are going to disclose their love to their parents.

Now my question is:

Is Science been a good supporter of love by introducing various networking sites, minimal call rates, free talktime(specially Reliance) OR Science been a curse to Pure Love ?


Shruti said...

Where is the doubt man ? Science is always been a supporter of love. Earlier it hadbeen talking one or more month to convey our msgs to the loved ones (at the time of piegons as a postman) but nw a days it hardly takes a microsecond. Nw a days its very easy to stay in touch wid the loved ones even when we r far away from them.
Thanks to Science for all this.

P.S: Liked the way u have written this post. Especially the four stages u mentioned. Orkut~G-Talk~Phone(Reliance)~ Face to Face. Hehehe :)

Anand said...

Yeah I too liked it Mukesh ji :)

Mukesh said...

@Shruti : Don't know why but i sometimes feel that science been a curse to pure love.
Second thing is that wat is mentioned about the four stages in.this post is not a thought of mine. It is taken (or u can say i m inspired by) from anand's blog which i seen yesterday. So, I think this credit should go to him and not me.

Mukesh said...

@Anand : I had forgotten one thing to mention in this post that:

Courtesy: LIFE ON MARS by MR. Anand jee

Sneha said...

I, at some point agree with u. Yes science might be a curse to pure love. But, Why ? In fact i also don't knw the exact answer but i sumtimes feel this.
By da way gud post at present scenario of internet-love-affairs.

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