Thursday, May 20, 2010

U R so away....

After a long gap, my feelings about u (someone special) is encrypted here (in a form of poem). Though, I deserve that (that u r away from me) I wanna be with you. Just wanna be with you.

[copyright reserved for Mukesh]
[Purely written by Me]

You are so away.....That Your smell no more tingle senses,
Though in a crowd often it seems
You are just around...

But I know you are away...
Light years away,
More away than I
Ever expected you to be.

Care- I see it everywhere,I never wished to have it so much.
I don't like them to care,
Yet they do, but You don't .

Its just like I am in the mid ocean:
"water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"!!

They swear to follow me everywhere,
You too did, but you broke the promise.
But I don't care whether they'll keep it or not.

Night knows the pain,
Pillows know the tears,
They cannot consolate, they know.
You can consolate, but you don't know.


Anand said...

Bhai, Angreji kavita to hamen samajh aati kam hai, ye "them" ka prayog kinke liye kiya hai aapne?
Shuruwaat ka Do para kafi achha laga (especially Though in a crowd often it seems You are just around....) Baki mein "Them" ka matlab dhoondhta rah gaya.

Mukesh said...

Thanks a lot ! This type of comments inspires to write more and more with a great interest. So, don't forget to comment.

'Them' ka prayog apne un doston ke liye kiya gaya hai jo humse away nai hai. It can be You, and everyone around me who is wid me in my every act of deed. 'Them' are the persons who are still wid me, let it be my good times or my bad times.

I think it helped. (Ab 'Them' ka matlab samajh aaya sarkar ?):)

Shruti said...

Why She is so away ?

BTW u touched the heart dear. Absolute poetry. The lines written in the pic is superb !

P.S: Ab to aapke blog padhne ki ek aadat si ho gayi hai. So, keep writing.

P.P.S: One suggestion, Plz start writing happy post as most of ur post shows that u r so sad or missing someone so deeply. Wat happened,happend ! Just Be Happy !

Mukesh said...

@shruti: I deserve for so. Thats why she is so away. But I wanna be with her.

Thanks. By da way the image is taken from

Ab to hame bhi blog likhne ki ek aadat si ho gayi hai. Iwill try not to break this 'aadat'.

Jis type ka mood rahega, post bhi to waise hi aayenge. By da way the originality of poetry is in 'painful writings'.

Sneha said...

Wow ! G8 poetry. Especially some of the lines/paras are superb like 'though in the crowd it seems u r just around', 'light years away', 'water water everywhere but not a drop to drink' and at last the 'last para' really expressed the innermost pain. "Night knows........., Pillow knows......... They can't consolate they know, but you consolate though u don't know........."

We expect some of the more poetry like this from ur blog.

Mukesh said...

@sneha: Thanks a lot. Some of the poetry like this will follow. My next post is definetely goin to be a poem.

Saumya said...

nice poem...i liked the last para very much...keep going..

Mukesh said...

@saumya: Thanks :)

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