Friday, November 12, 2010

Aapki PRATIKSHA mein !

He loved her. He loved the way she texted him throughout the clock. He loved the way she used to text him with her sleepy eyes in the late nights. He loved the way she text the scores of the cricket match (Any Nation Vs Ind) when He is not able to get in touch with the match. {Though, he expects from her to text  the scores of Any Nation Vs Any Nation cricket match}. He loved the way she understand him too well. He loved the way she knows what He wants to say, before he says. The previous 20 days was his good 20 days. {Though, it came after a too long pause}. They met on a regular intervals. They always talked about each other likes, dislikes, music, movies, families, family values, and tv serials too. {Though, he hated the last one}. Some of the times they talked about their future life. And after those times or moments they get tensed. And after a pause, they both decide chodo ye sab baatein, kuch aur baat karte hain na. Day before yesterday He asked two questions to her. The first one was, "Is Love possible between two friends" ? The second was, "Is Friendship possible once Love happens" ? He was satisfied with the answer of the first question but what for the second ? What for the second ???? Though it was love between them, they both knew it but never let it express. But, why ??? Who knows ! Yesterday was the day, He asked straightway "Tumhe mujse pyar hai " ? She was shocked by the promptness of the question. But thank to the Almighty, She nooded in a Yes mood. He was more than happy to notice this. He could not sleep yesterday night coz of the happiness, joy and something something.....
Today is the day he is feeling completely blank.  Too much happines followed by a complete blank. It is He. He is like that only. To say, absolute Random ! Though, today he was having a cause for the blankness. She was out of the town from today.{And to say wat a place that is where mobile networks even not working}. They can't talk. Can't text. And wat a bloody situation this is, that when she'll be back, he'll be out of the town. When he will come back again, he himself doesn't know. When they are going to meet again, they doesn't know. And That is Life ! Immediate Happiness and........ ! Lots of Love in a moment and Lots of Missing in next moment.

Aapki PRATIKSHA mein........ !


MangoMan said...

Best of luck!!!!

Mukesh said...

@MangoMan : Dhanyabad !

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