Monday, August 2, 2010


Inspired by mangoman's post

That study table. Those silly jokes. That unexpected seperation. Those four years. Orkut. A phone call. Nice-talking-after-a-long-time message. Proposal. Accepetence. Endless talkings. Chattings. 1st date. Smiles. Happiness. Love. A trip to heaven. Romance. Coefee at Comesum. Railway station. That see off. Most Painful journey. Misunderstandings. Small Fights. Formalitites. Next meeting. Changed Behaviour. Last coeffe at footpath. The most beautiful yet painful journey. Phone calls. Fights always. Irritations. A phone call. Break up. I-am-always-there-for-you message. Nil correspondence. One-sided chats. Empty beer bottles. Ciggerette butts. Hangovers. Lots of blogging. Memories. Wet pillows. A phone call. A book. 2nd attempt. A hope. Failed. Illusions. Un-fulfilled dreams. Lots of missing. Life. You.

[Dedicated to the one who is an integral part of me]


MangoManBunty said...

sigh!! koi na!! tootne waale dil hotey hain kuch khaas!!

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