Monday, June 20, 2011

If I could !

First of all, I wanted to know ur reviews about replacing the blog name from "when heart speaks" to "A smoke & a cup of coefee". Actually, from some of the days there is raining in almost all the major zones in India. And believe me its quite romantic. And I m finding my smoke with a cup of coeffe quite lovely than earlier. That is the technical reason behind changing the blog title.

And here it goes a romantic composition of words. These were roaming throughout my thoughts since quite a few days ( actually, from the day the rain started falling these feelings became more stronger). Not taking too much time here it goes finally:-

If I could just embrace you once,
And feel the warmth of your arms.

If I could lock my lips with yours,
And seal the deal of romance.

If I could look into your eyes,
And see the same passion raging wild.

If I could have you by my side,
And whisper sweet nothings to you.

If I could entwine your hands in mine,
And walk along the sunny seashore.

If I could be with you for a day,
And that day would never end.

If I could, I would let you know.
My dear, I would never let you go
If I could !
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